The Best First Car to Buy Recommendations
The Best First Car to Buy Recommendations

The Best First Car to Buy Recommendations

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It can be said that the end of the year is one of the best moments to buy a new car. It is because there would be many special deals, such as discounts, special promotions, special offerings, and many more. A lot of car manufacturers give special deals and discounts for the year-end. Almost all types of cars such as Multi-Purpose Vehicle or MPV, city cars, Low-Cost Green Car or LCGC, Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV, until family cars can be bought at more affordable prices. This surely attracts customers who are planning to buy a new car.

For you who are planning to buy a new car as well but confused about choosing the best one, here are the recommendations for the best first car to buy.

Toyota Calya

The first place is taken by Toyota Calya. Toyota Calya is a family car that has 7 seaters. This family car is MPV LCGC that is getting more and more popular recently. Especially in September 2019, this car had some upgrades. From the interior, exterior, and also comfort features. The exterior of Toyota Calya looks fresher with the presence of new LED headlamp, new folding rearview mirror, new front grille with the touch of dark chrome, and also new alloy wheel design. While the interior is more spacious as well as more comfortable. The dashboard, passenger seats, and driver seats are in dark brown.

The features are also upgraded, from the head unit touchscreen, audio button in the steering wheel, driver seat back pocker, storage under the seat, and also console box in the front. This family car is known to be efficient in fuel. It needs only 1 liter of fuel for 20 Km distance.

Daihatsu Terios

It is said that Daihatsu Terios is the twin of Toyota Rush. Daihatsu Terios is a low SUV car which is quite popular. Its newest variant, Daihatsu Terios Custom, got good responses. It comes with its body kit design, such as front bumper guard with glosst black fog lamp cover, side stone guard, black front grille with chrome ornament, exclusive custom emblem, and many others. Daihatsu Terios brings the compact 7-seater SUV concept that is claimed as a suitable vehicle for any road conditions. Its fuel tank is able to accommodate up to 45 liters of fuel.

Honda Jazz

The next best first car to buy is Honda Jazz. The newest generation of Honda Jazz had launched in Tokyo Motor Show 2019. This car is already popular as a wagon or hatchback car and also city car which is demanded and preferred by quite many people. There are already some variants of Honda Jazz. For example, New Honda Jazz RS CVT, New Honda Jazz M/T, New Honda Jazz RS M/T, and New Honda Jazz CVT. As one of the popular 5-seater city cars, Honda Jazz has a sporty design with a full LED headlamp and DRL with a stylish front grille.

There is a diffuser in the rear bumper and the side has a new dynamic side skirt. The interior is pretty cozy, equipped with meter cluters, information panel, 8-inch audio touchscreen, automatic AC, and also One Push Ignition System feature.

The Best First Car to Buy Recommendations
The Best First Car to Buy Recommendations

Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush is a 5-seater city car which is quite popular. Now, the new generation of Toyota Rush is able to accommodate more passengers, up to 7 passengers. This SUV is available in 1.5G and 1.5 TRD Sportivo with a 5-speed manual transmission system and 4-speed automatic transmission system. The newest generation does not have a spare tire attached to the rear glass anymore as well. As a low SUV car, Toyota Rush is suitable for any road conditions. Even though it looks fierce, the interior of this car is comfortable.

Toyota Rush also has updated features such as an LED headlamp, sensor camera, airbags, 7-inch touchscreen display, LED DRL, digital AC, keyless entry, 3 AC connectors, and also Start Stop Engine button in order to maximize the performance of this car.

Mitsubishi Xpander

Mitsubishi Xpander is a Low MPV car with 5 seaters. This car is also a family car that has specifications and updated features such as the highest ground clearance in its class. Mitsubishi Xpander is available in several variants, which are Sport, GLX, GLS, Ultimate, and Exceed. The performance is great because this car can be used in bad road conditions. Mitsubishi Xpander slightly looks like an SUV car, but it is actually an MPV car.

The safety features of this MPV car is pretty complete. From Rise Body frame, ABS, Pedestrian Protection, Hill Start Assist, Dual SRS Air-Bag, Emergency Stop Signal, Active Stability Control, and many more.

Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu Ayla is the twin of Daihatsu Agya. It successfully proves that it is one of the most popular cars. The design of Daihatsu Ayla is compact and small yet stylish with the sporty exterior. The interior looks fresh with the multifunction steering wheel that is integrated into the audio button. There is a 2-DIN audio touchscreen in the dashboard as an entertainment. Even though Daihatsu Ayla is compact, the seats are comfortable even for a long trip.

Daihatsu Ayla is a city car with 5 seats. The front bumper looks sporty with the new aero kit. The design of this city car looks even sweeter thanks to the headlamp projector with an LED Position lamp and DRL lamp with the touch of chrome layer. The turn signal, fog lights, and 14-inch alloy wheel complete the exterior of Daihatsu Ayla. This city car is preferred and popular because the price is affordable.

Honda Brio

The last recommendation of the best first car to buy is Honda Brio. Honda Brio is a hatchback or wagon car. The pretty design of this car cannot be denied. The design is compact yet gorgeous. Honda Brio is a city car with 5 seaters whose performance is great to get through a traffic jam. Honda Brio is available in some variants: Honda Brio E M/T, Honda Brio RS M/T, Honda Brio RS CVT, Honda Brio S M/T, Honda Brio E M/T, and Honda Brio E CVT.

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