The Guide for Picking the Best First Car to Buy
The Guide for Picking the Best First Car to Buy

The Guide for Picking the Best First Car to Buy

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The first car is always special. It is the car you bought with the money you earn from your job. Or, it is the first vehicle you own that will give you different scenery when you travel from one place to another. Knowing the importance and special value of the first car, it’s reasonable, if you buy only the best car. However, the Best First Car to Buy is not always the most expensive or premium class car. Now, you need to find that car.


Consider Your Budget

Finding the best first car to buy is much easier if you consider your budget first. However, it doesn’t mean you can spend as much money as you can. Focus on the functionality rather than spending your money to get the appearance. As long as you can ride it, that’s enough.

And remember, we mostly don’t keep the first car for a long time. Once we have enough money, we upgrade it to a much better car for more comfort and a better ride. This is also the reason why you shouldn’t buy the first car on credit. It would be much better if you buy it with cash. Pay it fully and get its ownership right away.

There is also the reason why you should buy it in cash. It is important to start your financially independent life without debt. Therefore, you also can lower the risk of having a financial problem, when you start to build your personal life.


The Guide for Picking the Best First Car to Buy
The Guide for Picking the Best First Car to Buy

Pick the Car

After you prepare your budget, you need to pick the car. As we mentioned above, you don’t need to choose a luxurious car. Find the car that you need. If you don’t have a family, you don’t need to choose a big SUV or family car. Just choose the car that you can use yourself for everyday transportation.

Then, choose the type of transmission you are familiar with. Maybe, you have driven your parents or friend’s car a lot before you buy your first car. And, you are used to the transmission system on that car. Therefore, you buy a car with a similar system. That way you don’t need to spend too much time to get familiar with your first car. That means you have more time to drive it around.

In some countries, there is also a different license for auto or manual transmission cars. If your country also applies this driving license system, you need to buy the car based on the license type that you have. When you got that driving license, you also need to train and take a test with a specific transmission system. That can be seen as the experience you have with the car, which also makes you easily drive your car.


Buy the Car

Once you find the car matches your needs, you need to buy the car. Buy it from a car dealer is a good idea. You get a new car with good condition and many other benefits. However, the price you get for a new car from a car dealer is mostly more expensive. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy it from a private car seller.

However, ensure that you know that seller and have a good relationship with that seller. It is a good idea to buy it from your family members. That way you can get a safer way to buy the car, without worrying about being scammed. Even though you will buy it from a trusted person, make sure that the car is paid off by the previous owner. So, you don’t need to carry the burden to buy the debt for that car.

Once you get the car, the next thing you need to do is applying for car insurance for your new car. It is the first thing you need to get. It will protect your car as well as your finance when your first car needs some repair or it’s damaged.


Recommended Cars

By now, you understand what you need to do to find and get the best first car to buy. Next, we have a list of recommended cars that you can choose as your first car.

  • Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta maybe is a little bit expensive than most of the first car you can buy. However, it is worth to have. It has wide space inside. So, if you keep using it until you have a family, that won’t be any problem. Moreover, it is also comfortable to ride. If you love traveling, especially long-distance trip, Ford Fiesta will give you the best ride.

  • Kia Rio

It is not a fast car. The interior is also not as good as a high-class car. But, this car is one of the cheapest cars you can buy for your first car. The design is beautiful. And, it is a good choice, if you don’t travel a lot, and only need a vehicle to go around within the city where you live. It is a good choice for a student who gets their first car. Or, if you are working and your office is still in the same city, Kia Rio is your car.

  • Toyota Corolla

This sedan maybe is the best first car to buy for its design. It is cool and attractive, which won’t embarrass you when you drive it around. You can be proud more with it because it is the car you bought with your own money and it also has a good appearance. More importantly, this car has good fuel consumption. You can save more money on it.

The three cars we recommend above are a good choice. Of course, you also can choose other cars that you like. Moreover, you can buy either the old model or the latest 2019 model. The price is different. But, mostly, the performance and features don’t have too much difference.


The First Car to Buy

Finding the Best First Car to Buy is an important thing to do. Then, when you decide to buy it, it might become one of the important decisions in your life. So, make sure you get the right one. You get more benefits and make many memories with it.

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